New ST1 Stone Lifter and Transporter from Groves Incorporated

Groves Incorporated (Woodstock, IL) is proud to introduce their NEW Heavy Duty ST1 Stone Lifter and Transporter! It features a patented silent winch for easy raising and lowering of stone slabs measuring from 25” to 48” tall by 60” wide and weighing up to 396 lbs. The ST1’s heavy duty lifting mast encloses the steel lifting cable in order to prevent damage to the stone and reduce the possibility for employee injury while operating the winch. The shift to the side function allows the material to be pivoted 90˚ on the axis of the mast to pass through doorways and halls easily. Material can be raised to a maximum height of 63” and rotated 360˚ for easy manipulation and orientation in the installation area.

The ST1 was designed for superior job site transportation, it features large 16” puncture resistant wheels that make negotiating curbs, stairs and doorway transoms easier and safer. Front mounted swivel casters provide balancing action for heavy material, and aid in turning the ST1 in tight spaces. Rubber pads on the carrying brackets protect the stone while being moved.

Groves Incorporated manufactures the strongest and safest material handling solutions for the storing, fabricating, transporting and installation of stone slabs. For more information and to view the complete product line, visit or call 800-991-2120.

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