New And Improved Riveted-on Rubber Pads An Transport & Shop Carts from Groves

Groves Incorporated (Woodstock, IL) is proud to introduce their new and improved riveted-on rubber padding for Transport and shop carts. These durable, steel reinforced pads are riveted directly to the uprights and designated edges to provide long lasting protection for stone slabs and glass panels. The new premium padding system features shorter segments that are easily replaced should damage occur. “Going to multiple, shorter, steel-reinforced, riveted-on rubber pads will extend the service life of our carts,” said John Groves, VP. “We know that over time slide-in or glued-on pads can become dislodged, especially if the loaders are careless. By upgrading to riveted pads, we’ve confirmed our commitment to the industry to provide the strongest and safest material handling systems on the market.”

Groves Incorporated manufacturers a complete line storage, fabrication and transportation systems for the Stone and Glass Industries. For more information, visit

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