Groves Incorporated Vendor Spotlight

Groves Incorporated pioneered the turnout gear storage industry in 1984. The Original heavy duty Ready Rack® and Red Rack™ were specifically designed to stand up to the rugged demands of the Fire Service. With more installations in more fire stations across North America, the Ready Rack® Brand continues to grow. Its innovative line of structurally superior PPE care and equipment storage options now includes: PPE / Hose drying cabinets, hose drying, winding, & storage systems, mobile worktables, wall organizers, and a broad line of firefighter tools, bags and accessories. The latest addition is the Multiple Purpose Storage System, or MPSS. Available in 5 different configurations, the MPSS can store up to 24 SCBA units, up to 32 air cylinders, up to 1,400’ of 2 ½” hose, or as a combination storage depending on your Department’s needs. It packs a tremendous amount of equipment in a surprisingly small, yet rugged mobile unit.

When not working on bringing another invention to market, Founder Hank Groves can often be found tinkering on or tooling around in one of his classic hot rods. His 1926 Ford Model T custom sedan delivery is a frequent visitor at fire conferences and car shows where it has earned numerous awards and trophies.

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