Bundle Rack

Bundle Rack
  • *Store bundles or slabs up to 6000 lbs. between posts. (3,000 lb. capacity per post.)
  • *Outside rails are designed with slots to hold 2 x 4’s.
  • *2 x 4’s protect the slab edges and the finish on the rails.
  • *11” wide x 5½” high x 60” long rails, butt together for desired length. Outside rails have 2” square holes spaced 4” apart on the top. A steel plate with identical holes is welded and boxed inside the rails, 1” up from the bottom.
  • *Heavy Duty powdercoated finish on posts and rails.
  • *2” square tube posts are coated with a galvanized finish.
  • *Optional 2” square rubber post caps are used to prevent scratches.
  • *Rails shipped with 11” connector tube for butting rails together in a straight line.
  • * SAFETY WARNING: Use ½” holes located on bottom flange for securing rails to the floor.
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